In the modern world, everyone has to face the problems in his daily routine life. This problem may be of their job or about their health. Health problem are increasing day by day in people because they do not care their selves. They use the medicine in the case of any disease or problem without asking their family doctor. People should avoid these things because these things can lead them to a big problem in future.

The use of medicine levitra is also a solution of the problem in men. The problem, some of you know about this, is erectile dysfunction. Levitra is used by the people for the treatment of this erectile dysfunction(ED). In this problem the flow of the blood through the penis is less than in the normal condition. Due to this problem a man cannot get a hard and erect penis at the time of sexual excitement. That is why the man does not enjoy the sex with his wife in erectile dysfunction.

If we talk about the normal condition in a man then you come to know that when a man is in sexually excited state, the flow of the blood through the penis increases than the normal flow. When this blood flow increases, man gets an erection that helps him to enjoy sex. If the man is the victim of erectile dysfunction then he should use levitra. Now the question arises is that "How levitra works in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?". Basically when you take the medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it increase the blood flow through the penis that makes it erect. So you can enjoy the sex with your partner by the use of Levitra.

Let us talk about that man who is already a victim of different problems. Should he use this medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction? Its answer is very simple. If he has high blood pressure and diabetes then you should use levitra. But if he using levitra in these cases then first he should talk to his doctor.

Life is a very precious gift of God. You should take care of this gift. If you will not ask your doctor about the use of levitra in such conditions, it could be very harmful for your life. If you are already using medicines and also want to use levitra, please talk to your doctor in this situation. If you will use levitra with those medicines which have nitrates, it could be harmful for you.

Levitra is available in market in different doses i.e. 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The starting dose for most of men is 10mg but you should consult your doctor in using different doses of Levitra. Never take more than one dose in one day. Some people take low dose of levitra because they also use other medicines. If you have a problem regarding liver then your doctor may start you with a low dose of Levitra.

ED Info


1. Avoidance of psychological stress and depression

2. Improvement of sexual and emotional relations

3. Avoidance of smoking

4. Avoidance of excess drinking

5. Avoidance of sedentary lifestyle

6. Avoidance of fat meals

7. Avoidance of carbohydrate rich meals especially fro diabetics

8. Zinc-rich fruits and vegetables such as wheat bran, pecan nuts, brewers yeast, pine nuts and wheat germ

9. Red meat and poultry for zinc-intake

10. Ginseng intake to uproot sexual performance

11. Vitamin-B complex administration and niacin therapy for improved nervous control

12. Vitamin-C administration to reduce cholesterol and increase blood-vascular flow

13. Aphrodisiacs such as garlic and onion aid to increase to libido of men

14. Discussion, counselling and consent with doctor to prevent under diagnosis of the disease

15. Appropriate Viagra, Cialis or Levitra administration in case of positive diagnosis

16. Androskat injection as an alternative to above mentioned PDE5 inhibitors

17. Hormonal replacements such as testosterone supplementation in case of hormonal imbalance

18. Penile suppositories and surgical manipulation of penile structure and rigid penile implantations as last ditch stand


1. Vitamin-A : Regulates progesterone, a hormone involved in testicular production of testosterone

2. Vitamin-E : Responsible for adequate production of male sex hormones and sperms and protects sperm cell membrane from degrading thus a potent antioxidant

3. Vitamin-B1 : It is an important factor controlling nervous transmission and neuronal conduction and helps improve stimulation-response mechanisms

4. Vitamin-C: Regulated blood cholesterol level thus improves circulatory process in and out of the penile blood vessels. Moreover, overall body blood pressure is also maintained. A potent antioxidant.

5. Vitamin A: Suppresses estrogen level in males and increases testosterone. Enhances protein consumption for sperm production and manipulated other growth factors.

The importance of medicines has increased these days because numbers of health problems has increased to a great extent. People consult with their family doctor in case of any emergency and get the treatment of their health problem. The solutions of many health diseases have been found but still there are numbers of health ailments which are uncured. Scientists are making progress in finding their solutions and that day is not so far when they will be able to treat every type of health problem. Here I am going to discuss about a sexual problem which was incurable in past but now its solution is available.

Impotence is one of the most degrading condition affecting men. Its effects are enduring and far reaching. The best thing is the fact that the condition can be reversed if one is treated for the underlying condition. Adjusting the medications or changing one's lifestyle could also end impotence manifests itself in the form of hardened arteries which restrict the flow of blood or as a result of injury to the nerves in the penis.

Whenever we refer to the youth, we normally refer to them as angry youth. We frequently refer to the young blood and youth fury etc. If you give it a little bit of thought you will realize that every young man is an angry young man who has just woken up to the fact that he is a man and has an individual identity.

Like other medicines which are available in market, Vardenafil contain some adverse side effects. If they are not treated within the time limit, they can create a lot of problem for your health. Diarrhea, headache, flushing, blurred vision, dizziness; nausea, dyspepsia and rhinitis are some common side effects which are usually caused by the frequent use of Vardenafil.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction used to be a major problem in the early days. But now this problem is only one among the other health issues that men face. This is because new alternatives have come up for restoring erection problems.

All men are the same when it comes to the opposite sex. Watching the members of the opposite sex at anytime, anyplace is something that is voluntary and instinctive. Whenever men get together invariably the topic of conversation always revolves around sex and women.

Everybody says that women are emotional and men are logical. This may be true to a large extent. However, men are far more emotional and sensitive too. Women are biologically built to withstand different types of pressures in terms of physical as well as emotional.